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Electronic Payment is Here

Introducing our new electronic payment portal designed to make your life easier

Key features and benefits of electronic payments

  • Save time and money by not having to generate and mail ​checks.
  • Convenient self-service sign up for ACH, Direct Debit or Credit Card payments
  • Can be paused or cancelled at any time.
  • No more late payments! Immediate receipt of payment.
  • Confidential, limits number of people who physically process payments
  • Environmentally friendly - Reduces waste created by checks, envelopes and postage.

Portal User Guide

*Some contracts prohibit credit card payments

 Three electronic payment options are available

1. ACH: For all invoice types (New Equipment, Modernization, Maintenance, and Repair), no limit on transaction amount

2. Direct Debit: Maintenance invoices only, no limit on transaction amount.

3. Credit Card: You will have the ability to pay via credit card per contract terms* up to $49,999.